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BONUS: Newsie's Nook Giveaway
July 19, 2022
How to enter Newsie's Nook Giveaway!
Hello – 
And welcome to this special episode of Newsie’s Nook. 
In two weeks, I will release my 50th episode of the podcast. I am so happy to hear that people in different kink communities have enjoyed it and I want to thank my guests that have been on the show. As a way to say thank you I am doing a Newsie’s Nook Giveaway. 
To enter the giveaway – all you have to do it is retweet and reply the giveaway post on my twitter with your favorite episode of Newsie’s Nook. 
You have until August 1ST 2022 at noon pacific to enter to win. The winners will be announced that Thursday in the 50thEpisode. 
4 winners will be selected at random. The first winner will receive 1 $50 Tykables Gift Card. The second winner will receive 1 $50 AB-Universe Gift Card. The third winner will also receive 1 $50 AB-Universe Gift Card. And the fourth winner will receive a $50 PlayTyme Gift Card and a Playpack. 
All right kiddos - Thank you for listening – go subscribe to Newsie’s Nook if you haven’t – see ya bye!